Becoming a Climate Conscious Business in Muskoka: Why and How?

Do you own or work at a business or organization in Muskoka? If so, check out this Month’s Climate Corner Newsletter below to learn how and why you should become a climate conscious business!

The community and your customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and businesses in Muskoka should too! As the awareness and interest in climate change and sustainability increases among residents and visitors to Muskoka, it is a smart business decision to operate your business in a more environmentally friendly way. Along with the benefit of attracting more customers that care more about the environment, there are also opportunities for cost savings when making environmentally oriented decisions, such as the reduction of fuel costs, waste costs and/or energy costs. This may sound like a daunting or overwhelming task, so this month’s Climate Corner will break down some ways that business can be more sustainable, and some programs that are out there to support you in doing so!

There are many low-hanging fruits to make your business operate more climate consciously, but many are dependent on your business and your opportunities for waste reduction, increased efficiency, or reduced travel. Some common opportunities for improving the environmental footprint of business include:

  • Recycling (Not sure where it goes? We’ve got an app for that! Type in anything and our Waste Wizard will tell you where it goes. Find out what goes where and learn more at;
  • Reduce single occupancy vehicle trips (support carpooling, allow staff to work from home where applicable, avoid multiple vehicles driving to the same location, etc.);
  • Downsize vehicles if possible (car or SUV rather than large truck if possible);
  • Adopting hybrid electric or fully electric vehicles in your fleet to reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions (if suitable);
  • Increase the energy efficiency of buildings to reduce your energy consumption (insulation, upgrade windows and doors, more efficient appliances, LED lights, etc.);
  • Reduce single use plastic use in your business (however applicable);
  • Educate your staff, your customers and your personal circle about climate change and actions to take! (Start with sharing this Climate Corner post and subscribe to get monthly tips on how to live more sustainably).

To gain more specific insight on opportunities for your business to increase your environmental sustainability, and decrease costs, the best thing to do is an energy audit/greenhouse gas inventory. reThink Green is a non-profit community-led organization which is driving sustainability and action on climate change in communities across Northeastern Ontario. The following provides a summary of their activities within the District Municipality of Muskoka: 

Net Zero Hero Training Series:

To further advance understanding among Northeastern Ontario’s Business Community, reThink Green is currently offering its Net Zero Hero Training Course – a four-part webinar series designed to educate businesses on climate change, and opportunities to increase their efficiencies through energy management, water conservation and waste management-led activities.

The first session takes place today –  Wednesday November 1st, 2023, and reThink Green will record this session for anyone unable to attend. All interested in participating in the series are requested to RSVP their place no later than Monday, November 6th, 2023.  Complete the Inquiry Form and register your interest here:

Regional Business Forum:

reThink Green will be hosting its Regional Business Forum on Thursday, November 23rd, 2023. This will be a hybrid event (in person/online), involving regional stakeholders – and is FREE for Net Zero Heroes. The Regional Business Forum is a great opportunity to meet other climate conscious businesses, share best-practices, and learn applicable and actionable ways to operate more sustainably. RSVP your place via the Eventbrite Page today:

Green Economy North Program:

To discover creative ways your business or organization can pursue environmental sustainability projects that reduce costs – the best thing to do is conduct an energy audit/Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory. The Green Economy North program can support your business in completing a GHG Inventory, helping you identify your emissions sources (across your operations). They will then work with you to co-produce custom Action Plans – to guide your business on its low carbon journey.  reThink Green will continue to recruit Businesses for its Fourth Cohort until late November 2023. Those interested can complete the Membership Inquiry Form at any time here:

The first step in being a climate conscious business is starting the conversation! Taking action can be daunting, but if you are interested in action that you can take to live more sustainably, subscribe to this newsletter to get monthly insights on action that individuals can take to support Muskoka in being a climate conscious community!

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