District Launches ‘It’s What We Do’ Campaign to Showcase Municipal Efforts Towards a Better Muskoka

The District has been delivering services across Muskoka for more than 50 years and overtime our role and responsibilities as a municipality have evolved. We’ve expanded our services to meet new needs and take on big challenges Muskoka communities are facing in order to serve you better.

The District has launched “It’s what we do,” a campaign designed to raise awareness of the critical work being done by the District, and to help make sure residents and visitors to Muskoka know what programs and services are available to meet their needs.

“The people who work for the District are committed to our communities, and they do jobs essential to our daily lives. More than that, we’re meeting head-on the new challenges facing us today, like the housing crisis and climate change.  If you’ve ever wondered what exactly the District does, and how we make the most of your tax dollars, this series is for you.”

Jeff Lehman, District Chair.

Through a series of captivating short videos, “It’s what we do” will take viewers on a journey behind the scenes of how the municipal magic happens. From ensuring water flows out of our taps to managing waste, providing emergency services, and supporting housing initiatives, these videos will highlight the indispensable roles played by our team and the vibrant community we serve.

Watch the Videos and Engage in Content – Follow us on Social!

“It’s what we do” videos will be shared across the District’s social media platforms – InstagramFacebookXLinkedIn and YouTube. The District encourages the Muskoka community to follow us on social to watch the videos, engage with our content and learn about the work and actions the District is taking in the community to meet the needs of residents.

Together, we are building a better Muskoka. It’s what we do.

Discover more about how we’re building a better Muskoka on our website at: www.muskoka.on.ca/itswhatwedo.

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