Climate Corner March 2024 – Flooding

Flooding is the most prevalent and costly natural disaster in Muskoka. Climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions has been proven to increase extreme precipitation events and alter the spring thaw, which can cause an increase in flooding events in Muskoka.

Floodplain mapping is now complete for a sizable portion of Muskoka including newly surveyed areas that will be added to the Muskoka GeoHub before the end of the month. To find out if your home/property is in a known floodplain, visit the Muskoka GeoHub at the following link: District of Muskoka Flood Plain Mapping.

Many areas of Muskoka are prone to flooding; here are a few things you can do to prepare.

Check out the Guide to Flood Prevention and Recovery for clear and concise steps homeowners and property owners can take before, during and after a flood to reduce the impact of flooding.


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